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The newest installment of Shwa Radio is now available to listen to online, download to your computer, or subscribe to via Podcast.

EPISODE 4 is a special episode featuring the best of Canadian Psychobilly!

The Matadors
The Creepshow
Zombie Riot


Go to: TheShwa.com in the main menu click on Shwa Radio

this episode is also available in High Quality for high speed internet users, as well as a Lower Quality version for users with slower internet connections.

(high quality version: 34.8MB | low quality version: 17.4MB)

LONG TIME WITHOUT A POST! [13 Jun 2006|12:06pm]

Sorry for taking such a long time without making a post here.
the truth is i almost forgot about it all together..

there are some really cool things happening over at theshwa.com
so if you haven't checked it out in a while, now would be the time to make a comeback!

The site has been completely rebuilt to be more user friendly. And a lack of updates is a thing of the past! there are now updates every single week, sometimes 2 or even 3 updates in a week.

Shwa Radio is BACK! the first 2 episodes are on the site now! with robotic host Mullet-Tron 3000. This thursdays episode will feature our new host Haley! and maybe a special guest host or two.

there are two contest running on the site right now, where you could win tons of band merch from BlackJacket and Caution inc.
check out the forums for that.

there are some new videos as well.. there are some live performances and a short clip of anagram on much music.

lots of new photos and some new reviews too!

don't forget to register for the forums if you haven't already, and if you have START POSTING!!

there are also some other really cool things that we're working on.. so check back often!

THE ALL NEW: TheShwa.com! [01 Nov 2005|03:00pm]


we have just launched the all new version of theshwa.com
Check it out!!!

[13 Oct 2005|02:36pm]

The bands Shattered Realm, and Hollow Ground were supposed to play a show last night in peterborough.

before they were supposed to play they decided that it would be a good idea to crank racist music, and shout out racial and profane comments from their van which was parked in the venue's parking lot. (thankfully they didn't end up playing)

Shattered realm, and hollow ground are racist assholes and i'm asking that anyone that believes that racist comments are unacceptable to boycot these two bands.

ShwaRadio Top 10! [06 Oct 2005|05:47pm]

ShwaRadio is in the process of being reworked to transform it into what it was originally meant to be!

One of the new features will be a weekly top 10 list of the best local and independent songs.

The Nominated are:
Caution Inc, BlackJacket, White Light Heat, Poor Pelly, Cuff The Duke, Another Blue Door, Chuck Calibre, Radar Hate, Beyond the Silence, B.A. Johnston, I Hate Sally. (We're still taking nominations as well!).

To vote for your favourite, or to nominate bands, visit http://www.vote.theshwa.com

Spread the word!!!


[14 Jul 2005|12:52am]



[21 Jun 2005|10:08pm]

Hey there livejournal land!

it's been some time since i last updated this...

here's what's been happening with me:
i'm in the middle moving... (dramatic pause) to peterborough... yes it's true, the guy behind theshwa.com is leaving the shwa behind...

i have already made the site available for purchase.. and i've had a few offers.. but none have met my minimum price as of yet..
i don't want to hand away ownership of the site, i love running the site and all of the people i've met and become friends with because of it are awesome.. but i felt that it was the right thing to do... however, since it seems that i'll be hanging on to the site for the time being i've decided to hand over the day to day operations of the site to the other members of theshwa.com's staff.. theshwa.com is to become a CO-OP. which means that the other members of staff will become owners (in part) of theshwa.com. so they'll all be responsible for their part of the work and entitled to their share of the benefits. currently i'll maintain a majority ownership of the site but the remainder will be divided between them depending on their level of involvement.

in other news: i've also been working with a local band (CAUTION INC) in a promotion and development situation. i've been spending tons of time on promoting them in various ways which includes their new website www.cautioninc.ca ... this should explain why some of theshwa.com's updates have been a bit lacking lately... not to worry, they'll be back up to par shortly.

there may be a short delay in updates for the next couple of weeks while i'm waiting for my internet connection to be set up. but i'll make sure there's something big to compensate.

lastly i'd like to mention the loss of theshwa.net ... theshwa.net didn't really take the shape that we wanted it to so we're putting the idea to rest for the time being to re-tweak the idea... we're hoping that this won't be a permanent situation however we're not quite sure what the entire situation will be until it actually unfolds.. or doesn't, whichever the case may be...

i'll leave this update with a couple of shows that are going to be worth checking out...

first off:


$3 - 19+ - 9pm
at CATCH22
JULY 3rd 2005

+3 TBA

$8 adv. $10 at the door
xmakexfunxofxmex@hotmail.com - for tickets and further info
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TONIGHT! Thursday May 26th 9pm! [26 May 2005|08:54am]


[19 May 2005|06:34pm]


just a quick reminder that the VAPIDS, SEXHEAD, and RADAR HATE show is TONIGHT!!! at Catch22 (11 ontario st. oshawa)

theshwa.com crew is headin down to the hare and the hound (simcoe st. oshawa) for about 8pm for some pre-drinks.. then we'll off to Catch22 at 9pm..

everyone should come!!!

[07 May 2005|05:14pm]

Hey everyone.. just a reminder about a few things...

May 19th 2005
The Vapids
Radar Hate

with host: Poor Pelly

this show is now: Almost Dave's birthday RnR bash!

it's only $4 and the doors are at 9pm as always
Catch22 - 11 Ontario St. Oshawa

June 3rd 2005
Chuck Calibre
I Hate Sally
and Kincaide

at the dungeon

no word on the cover or door time yet...

ALSO on June 3rd 2005
Last Taste of Freedom...
A final farewell for Jeff Topping...

Jeff's gettin married and we're throwing him a hell of a last blast.
it's gonna take place at the South Mead clubhouse on Kawartha Ave in south shwa..
Tickets are $15 and well worth it.
8:30pm is the kickoff for this piss up to end all piss ups..

come one come all.. contact stev@theshwa.com for tickets.
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Cole+1 -and- TheShwa.com Presents: [16 Apr 2005|02:09pm]

THURSDAY MAY 19th 2005
Cole+1 -and- TheShwa.com Presents:

THE VAPIDS : Old School NYC style Punk Rock from HAMILTON
With Special Guests
SEXHEAD : Goblin records rockers from MONTREAL
RADAR HATE : Local extreme rock from OSHAWA

At CATCH 22 - 11 Ontario St. OSHAWA


$4 at the doors
doors open at 9PM


3 AWESOME upcoming shows!!! [15 Feb 2005|08:44am]


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[24 Jan 2005|06:21pm]

First off two awesome shows that are coming up. everyone who's of age (or has a REALLY good fake ID) should check them out..

Thursday JANUARY 27th 2005

cole+1 and Catch 22 present an evening of Bellbottom Rock w/
SUPERSTACK w/ a special solo opening by the STACK's SCOTT DONNELLY!

DJ- Stephonics on @ 9PM
'Pay what U can Cover'
CATCH 22 - 11 Ontario St., Oshawa
905-728-2337 -or- www.catch22cafe.com

Thursday FEBRUARY 24th 2005

Catch 22 Presents the return of two of Durham's coolest musical exports:

Dj Matt diamond on @9pm
19+ event - Arrive EARLY!
$3 cover
Catch 22 - 11 Ontario St. Oshawa
905-728-2337 -or- www.catch22cafe.com


some news from theshwa.com
we're working on something really cool on a trial basis..
we're going to be hooking up a new domain called theshwa.net
where we'll allow local bands or other really cool locals to have access to some webspace and a subdomain whatever.theshwa.net .. you can post a site, media files, contact page, forward the domain or whatever you want.

anyone interested should email theshwa.com@gmail.com for more info..

we've also opened up a new group in the forums for photographers and photoshop nerds. When you sign up for membership there you'll also get an ftp account with unlimited storage on our servers.

we're almost ready to post the photos from the Cuff the Duke/B A johnson show.. they're coming soon! (stev's been super busy)

i think that's about it.
OH! don't forget to recommend this community to all of your LJ nerd friends.
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[31 Dec 2004|08:38pm]

Hey just a quick one wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Remember to be safe! .. but not TOO safe! have fun everyone! Last nights show at Catch 22 with Cuff the Duke, B A Johnson and others was awesome! dave and shaun were snapping pics all night and dave's got about 200 of them all on a disk.. so the best of will be available soon!

[08 Dec 2004|12:19pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

I just finished watching the footage from last weekend.. the I HATE SALLY/GFK/CHUCK CALIBRE sets.. and basically, it'll never see the light of day.. it's out of focus, the audio is shit, and the coverage of a lot of it is pretty boring.. it was so crappy that it gave me a headache.. appologies to those who were looking forward to seeing it. but trust me.. you're better off not seeing it.. everyone played such amazing sets and i feel awful for those of you who missed out, and for the bands who wanted a copy of the footage.

if you're looking for someone or something to blame for this haggardness.. you can all send a big fuck you to one of our cameras.. ironically the best of the 3.. it was the canon that totally botched everything up..

It's going to be fixed, and hopefully we'll have some totally amazing footage for you the next time such incredible bands play.

Check back on the status of the footage from the JVC (which is usually pretty crappy anyways) if it's not TOO shitty.. i'll chop it up and throw it on the site..

again, sorry to anyone who was looking forward to that footage, i promise that we'll be 10 times more careful in the future to avoid such problems.


[05 Dec 2004|02:49pm]


Last night's I HATE SALLY/CHUCK CALIBRE show was amazing!

we have a TON of photos and video...

Photos can be seen at www.theshwa.com/Content/content/DEC4.htm

Video is coming soon!



follow the link below for the photos

TheShwa.com' [21 Nov 2004|08:18pm]

Welcome to theShwa.com's Live Journal Community!

in here we can post and have discussions about anything shwa..
and the best thing is that i'll be integrated directly into the site.
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